Showcase Saturday

SHOWCASE SATURDAY - A Showcase Saturday event is to be held on Heckington on June 16, from 10am-2pm. The aim is for as many Heckington based businesses, including those who work from home, as possible to be able to market themselves to the community.

Each pitch will cover 8x4 feet and traders are to provide their own tables. Traders will be accommodated on a first come first served basis for no charge, contact the parish clerk on 01529 460174. The community centre will be used in the event of wet weather.

DOG WALKERS - Residents raised questions at the latest Heckington Parish Council meeting about a new ruling banning dogs from being allowed off the lead on Heckington playing field.

It had been explained this had been decided by the sport and social club because of recent dog fouling and unruly dogs. As it is a sport field leased to and managed by the sports and social club, the public did not have the automatic right to walk their dogs unleashed without permission.

OPEN SPACE - A couple had asked the parish council if they could buy a piece of open space on Godson Avenue next to their rear gardens to improve privacy as their property is overlooked by people walking by. The council will not sell the land but has offered permission to plant shrubs along the boundary to help screen the property.

NEGLECTED LAND - Foster Street residents have asked when a piece of neglected land left over between their properties and new homes on Freeston Road will be tidied up. District councillor Stuart Ogden will look into the matter.