Synod’s support for diocese reforms

THE Diocese of Lincoln’s Synod has given its unanimous backing to a range of reforms proposed by the Bishop of Lincoln following the publication of an independent review.

Meeting in Lincoln last Wednesday, the Synod debated the report, which makes 51 recommendations, ranging from minor operational changes to reforms to the governance structures of the Diocese.

The Synod agreed in principle to the main body of the Central Services Review report’s contents.

They also called for work to begin on a submission to the Dioceses Commission on the future requirement for Suffragan Bishops in the Diocese, following the announcement of the retirement of the Bishop of Grimsby. This would see the reduction of bishops in the diocese from three to two.

Speaking after the Synod, the Bishop of Lincoln, the Rt Rev Christopher Lowson, said: “I’m delighted that the Synod has shown such overwhelming support for the report and the proposals for building the future ministry of the Diocese of 

“It was a very healthy and interesting debate and the breadth of the church was well represented.

“We are at a significant turning point for a great and historic Diocese and I am determined that the churchpeople of Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire will be fully involved in shaping how the administrative functions of the Diocese can best serve them now and in the long term.”