Teams are in for a cracking day

EGG throwing enthusiasts are preparing for an afternoon of quirky fun this weekend.

Teams from all over the world are set to take part in the annual World Egg Throwing Championships, which will be held at Swaton Vintage Day on Sunday.

This year, participants are reported to be flying in from Hong Kong, South Africa, USA, Germany and Greece, with the reigning champions from Holland coming back to defend their title.

There will be several events in the egg throwing championships: throw and catch pairs, egg throwing relay, egg flinging trebuchet, target throwing and the infamous Russian egg roulette.

World Gravy Wrestling Champion and star of Britain’s Got Talent Joel Hicks is stepping up to be the human target in the target throwing Challenge.

The egg throwing championships have featured on both national and international television in the past and won national tourism awards for the quirkiest event in the country.

For full details of how you can join in, visit

All money raised by the event is used to support local, national and international good causes.

Entry is £4 for adults, £3 for OAPs, £2 for school age children and free for under 5s. A £10 family ticket is £10.

Swaton Vintage Day takes place at Thorpe Latimer, between Swaton and Helpringham, on Sunday from 10.30am to late afternoon.