Bridge across danger road is being ignored

CYCLISTS and pedestrians are being warned to take care and make use of a new footbridge after reports that people are still trying to cross the dangerous A17 at Holdingham roundabout to get to and from Leasingham.

Holdingham Ward town councillor John Charlesworth, who is on the liaison committee for the new Connect2 cyclepath which has been constructed from Leasingham to Sleaford, pointed out that people, especially school children, were ignoring the new signposted route via the converted farm bridge and running the gauntlet across the junction of the busy dual carriageway instead.

He said: “The A17 crossing point near the roundabout is very dangerous and the group want to encourage everyone to use the Farm Bridge.

“Although the cycle route is well signposted there appears to be a number who still try and cross the A17. At most times this crossing is dangerous and may become more dangerous with time as traffic flows increase further. This applies to both pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge is the safest way to get to Leasingham.”