Highways in pledge to plug potholes

In the wake of complaints from residents about the state of the county’s roads, Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways department have pledged to invest in repairs on potholes.

The Department of Transport have awarded a £6.5 million grant to Highways to introduce a dedicated ‘hot box’ team to each division in Lincolnshire which can tackle potholes permanently, with one application using molten tarmac that is poured into a pothole and then mechanically compacted.

As it cools it provides a permanent repair to the road.

Councillor William Webb, Executive Member for Highways and Transportation, said: “Each year, Lincolnshire County Council invests nearly £50 million on repairs to maintain the county’s 5,500 miles of road.

“We have ten teams who are dedicated to reactive repairs.

“We run an emergency repairs service that aims to fix particularly bad pot holes within 24 hours, although it can be very difficult to repair them in both wet or cold weather.

“The extra funding will enable us to carry out more preventative work on our roads, so we can fix potholes before they even appear.”