Parking crackdown ‘will boost businesses’

Cars parked in loading bays and double yellow lines in Sleaford.
Cars parked in loading bays and double yellow lines in Sleaford.

DRIVERS in and around Sleaford area could be in for a shock as Lincolnshire County Council begins using new parking enforcement powers from Monday December 3.

Around 20 Civil Enforcement Officers employed by APCOA Parking UK, in green and navy uniforms, will work across the county and it is said will take ‘a sensible approach’ to help tackle local problems caused by motorists parking on streets where they shouldn’t.

They will enforce existing ‘on street’ traffic restrictions, including double and single yellow lines, yellow kerb markings, and limited waiting times in parking bays when the Department for Transport hands over powers on November 30.

County executive member for Highways and Transportation, Coun William Webb, said: “Taking on these new parking enforcement powers means we can do more to keep people moving safely on the roads, reducing congestion from inconsiderate parking and supporting businesses with parking bays outside.”

Sleaford and surrounding villages have long suffered from congestion caused by illegal parking, inconveniencing business deliveries and buses, and this has worsened since police have pulled back from using traffic wardens.

Parking fines will be processed by Nottinghamshire County Council to help reduce costs.

Mr Webb added: “We’ve been raising awareness for some time, so that people know to take more care when looking for somewhere to park.

“If they check for ‘signs and lines’ they will have nothing to worry about.”

One week before the powers start being used, motorists breaching restrictions will receive a warning notice to get used to the change and avoid getting penalised.

Residents’ parking schemes can be set up and administered by district councils. North Kesteven is one of three district councils planning to share the county council’s enforcement and ticket processing services for their own car parks.

l The county council claims businesses welcome the new enforcement powers, what do you think?

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