Village could get plasma TV

PLASMA TV - Heckington Parish Council is to do more research into buying a large, plasma TV screen to fit in its community centre on St Andrew’s Street.

The idea is that it could be used during meetings of community groups using the centre as well as for displaying digital copies of plans and visual presentations from district council planning applications and other bodies.

One suggestion for the parish plan is to set up a cinema club in the village and so the screen could be used for that too.

Some research has been done into the cost of a projector but it was found that a large TV screen would be more versatile so that memory sticks and laptop computers could plug into it. It would be fixed to the wall by a bracket.

The parish council will consider the size of screen needed and any form of grant aid or donation towards it.

ANNUAL MEETING - At the annual meeting of Heckington Parish Council, Richard Higgs was re-elected chairman and Jan Palmer as vice-chairman. Members were also appointed to sub committees and as representatives on outside bodies.

CEMETERY CHAPEL - Work continues to bring the cemetery chapel in Heckington up to standard. Various quotes for work such as re-wiring are being collected to be considered by the cemetery sub committee.

FREESTON WAY - The housing association behind the development of Freeston Way off Kyme Road, Heckington has proposed to give a small strip of leftover land to the residents as they felt it would be too difficult to keep returning to maintain it.

GRASS CUTTING - There have been a number complaints about Lincolnshire County Council highways grass cutting contractors falling behind with their work.

Chairman of Heckington Parish Council Richard Higgs commented that roadside verges and gutters were overgrown with tall grass and weeds.

Parish councillors questioned whether anyone had been paid for the scheduled cutting in March and April as no work had been done.

It was understood there had been problems with the contractors and neighbouring Great Hale Parish Council had even put up signs informing unhappy villagers of what had caused the delay.

PLAYING FIELD - Heckington United Football Club has received the documentation to apply for a grant to upgrade the changing rooms to an acceptable standard for the league and is seeking moral support from the parish council to demonstrate a community need for the money. The paperwork has to be submitted between July 23 and September 17.