Wettest month on record results in local flooding

The flooded footbridge at Scredington. Photo supplied.
The flooded footbridge at Scredington. Photo supplied.

TORRENTIAL rain over the weekend caused flooding in parts of the Sleaford area as a month’s worth of rain fell in a single day.

It was the wettest April since records began and on Sunday a normal monthly amount of rain fell in one day and rivers, becks and streams struggled to cope.

One of the worst affected areas was Digby, where the rain burst the banks of the Beck, flooding two overlooking bungalows and water was being pumped out of the properties until 11pm that night.

The water levels ran so high, that Digby Parish Council clerk John Fry reported seeing ducks swimming over the bridge on the Beck.

He said: “The flooding was at its worst on North Street, where the bungalows were flooded, and on Chestnut Close, where the banks of the river had flooded and water covered the road alongside it so the road was closed off.”

Mr Fry also added that several gardens on The Hurn in the village had water running through them.

Joanne Dixon of Sleaford took a series of photos of the flooding at the old bridge along Northbeck Ford at Scredington on Sunday. We have used one of her pictures alongside this report.

A number of gardens in and around Sleaford were also flooded and Chris Smith of Sleaford Brewery reported a small flood at his premises on the Enterprise Park.

The Environment Agency issued a new flood warning on Monday for the minor water courses in the North Kesteven area, with an amber ‘flooding is possible’ alert at Heighington, Dunston, Blankney Becks, Billinghay Skirth and the River Slea.

Dunston, Scopwick, Digby, Ruskington, South Kyme, Sleaford, Ancaster, Wilsford, and Kelby may also be affected.

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