Worst floods in years hit the area

The water at West End, Swaton was waist deep in places at its worst on Friday. Photo: 0354SB-15
The water at West End, Swaton was waist deep in places at its worst on Friday. Photo: 0354SB-15

EMERGENCY services are thanking the public for their patience and co-operation during the latest period of severe wet weather on Friday and Saturday.

David Powell, Head of the Joint Emergency Management Service in Lincolnshire, said: “The public’s assistance has made the work of the emergency services and responding agencies much easier, helping to lessen the impact of the extreme elements.

“However, there have been reports of people ignoring the road closure signs and trying to drive through the water, putting themselves and others at risk.”

One woman had to be rescued from her van by a nearby resident after she tried to drive through the floodwaters at Scredington Northbeck and became stranded with water four feet deep up to her bonnet.

The weather began to settle down over the weekend and a flood warning at Swaton was finally lifted on Sunday. Water levels in the roads at the West End had reached waist deep and the High Street was closed to prevent road wash from vehicles into people’s homes.

On Friday and Saturday fire crews pumped water away as quickly as possible after the Swaton Eau overflowed, but parish councillor and flood warden Elaine Richardson said only one property had actually been breached by the flood waters after it seeped through a brick wall.

She said it was down to the early action of wardens and villagers dishing out sandbags and moving cars off the streets that prevented more homes being affected.

Mrs Richardson said: “It is the worst I have seen it in 26 years. The road way itself is lower and creates a watercourse and takes a lot of water with houses built above it.” But she said there was an ongoing issue with improvements to the road bridge that had restricted water flow as a result. The banks also needed to be kept clearer by the agencies responsible. She said: “We were very fortunate this time, but we have had eight severe floods in the last 10 years.”

There were also flooded and closed roads at Horbling, Billingborough, Osbournby, Folkingham, Aslackby and Carlton Scroop. Residents a had to be rescued by firefighters in boats from their cottage at Aswarby as the water level rose.