Your new look Standard offers you so much more

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Welcome to your new Sleaford Standard. As you can see your local paper has undergone a major transformation, with a fresher, brighter look and even more opportunities for readers to interact with us.

We hope you like the change of style and some of the new features that will be introduced over the next few weeks and we would love to hear from you and have your views on the new design.

The redesign is the result of extensive research into how people want their favourite local papers to look, bringing your Standard into the 21st century but without losing sight of all the important aspects of what a local newspaper is all about.

We will still provide you with detailed coverage of news on all the major local issues, as well as information on what is going on in the communities around Sleaford in our Village News section and all you need to know about local shows, concerts and entertainment in our Leisure section, plus the best in local sports coverage.

But, over and above that, we will be introducing new columns by regular and guest columnists. This week you will find on page 14 the first column by Sleaford and North Hyekham MP Stephen Phillips, who will be contributing a column to the Standard each month. We will also be inviting readers to have a go at being a guest columnist. If you are good with words and would like to put your name foward for consideration to write a guest column one week, please email me at

With your new look Standard comes plenty of reader offers - see page 6 for two tempting offers at Cogglesford Mill restaurant and the Jolly Scotchman.

Also in the coming weeks we will have more special features on local people, clubs and organisations, improved business news and even more reader offers and promotions to give you the best possible value for money.

One of the most important aspects of your new Standard will be the greater emphasis on you the reader. We want to involve you even more and will be inviting you to send in your views and comments on shows and concerts you have seen, or on any local issues and concerns you may have. We will also be inviting you to submit your pictures for our new Picture of the Week spot on page 2 to showcase the best images submitted.

We also have a new puzzle page - see page 32.

And, as always, you will be able to interact with us through our website and via email, Facebook and Twitter, and we will include even more of your views and comments in our Your Say section.



Your views and comments on the new look of the Sleaford Standard are very important to us.

We want to hear what you think of the new look. If you like it, please let us know what you particularly like about it and, equally, if you don’t like, please let us know what it is you don’t like.

We would also like you to tell us what features you enjoy and if you would like us to expand any of the current regular sections. And let us know if there are any new features or sections you might wish to see in the paper in the future.

We want you to be totally honest with us because, at the end of the day, we want to provide you with the best possible local paper.

You can comment on the new look with our on-line survey, which can be found at

Alternatively you can pick up a survey form at the Sleaford Standard office, 28 Handley Street, Sleaford.

If you would like to come in and chat to the editor about the new look or any other issue you can call in and see me on Friday between 10am and 2pm.

And don’t forget to take advantage of our special subscription offer where you can get your copy of the Standard for only 37 pence. For full details of our price freeze subscription offer see page 2.