Don’t block off lay-by for those who need it

EDITOR – Sleaford Town Council is considering blocking off the Boston Road lay-by beside the recreation ground.

I sincerely hope they do not take that action, as I am sure I am not alone in using the lay-by to park and take a disabled relative for a walk round the recreation ground.

A better alternative would be to limit the use of the lay-by as access for emergency vehicles and for blue badge holders.

If the council do decide to block off the lay-by, I hope they will be equally keen to take appropriate and punitive action against those who daily park their cars in the cycle lane, making Boston Road such a dangerous road to negotiate for anyone cycling into town.

Having several times been sandwiched between a parked car in the lane and a speeding car overtaking me, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion it is safer to drive than bike.


Bramling Way