I’ll never vote Tory again

EDITOR- On Tuesday April 24, I attended the planning application in Sleaford, for extension of Sleaford Medical Group to enable them to operate a chemist shop or Ppharmacy as the application said.

I have never witnessed such an arrogant disregard for public opinion and concern, with special concern for the elderly, infirm and disabled.

Inspite of over 3,000 signatures, photographs and a lengthy video of an HGV reversing through the already congested car park, and without any health and safety consultation, the councillors ruled in favour of the application.

I have voted for the Conservative party all of my working life, but will never vote for them again, if this is what the Conservative party stand for, count me out.

With about 80 per cent of the councillors including our MP, not living in the Sleaford area, they never take any notice of the public and run roughshod over everything that is submitted against the application.

And having voted, they scurry off to their villages and hamlets knowing that whatever they have commited to will never effect them.

I cannot, and do not, believe that David Cameron would ever sanction such arrogance as he is always indicating there should be more public involvement and a closer working relationship between residents and councils.

Listening to the comments of the councillors, it is plain that they all have no concern of the elderly, frail and unwell, as they, including Mrs Brighton, seem to think it alright to have difficulty in entering or leaving their vehicles, or even having to walk several hundred yards to the doctors in bad weather, with sticks and feeling unwell, but of course Mrs Brighton, you don’t live here and use the surgery.

My final point is to thank the council for another pharmacy, this will go along with the cafes and charity shops, as after six years living in Sleaford I have seen nothing but decline and all under the leadership of Mrs Marion Brighton.


Harry Baker,