I object to the removal of trees

EDITOR - In response to last week's front page story regarding the planned destruction of our trees in Boston Road Recreation ground to make way for the new road, I object very strongly to the removal of these trees.

They have been on the site for many years and not only will the trees be destroyed but also the animal life that has taken up residence in them too (squirrels, birds etc). This scheme is not acceptable and certainly not necessary.

A few years ago it was suggested the train station could be relocated to the field behind North Parade next to where the line ran. This is now not possible because flats have been built on the land.

Someone suggested the station should now be moved to East Road, thus removing the need for any crossings in the town at all. I think that is a viable idea. It would only need the Grantham line to be diverted to run via North Parade and across to East Road. The Lincoln-Peterborough line already has a link line to bypass the town and go directly to Spalding so it wouldn't take too much time and expense to alter the routes.

The Into Town bus route could be altered to provide easy access to the station for those who live the other side of town.

The gates at Southgate and on Castle Causeway would then not be needed as trains would no longer run thus enabling a free run of traffic through the town.

I am also concerned that Mareham Lane is not wide enough to accommodate the extra traffic if the road closure at Southgate goes ahead.

I fail to see the need for a Tesco Extra store to be built at the proposed site. Surely it would be better placed at Holdingham roundabout or indeed at Quarrington/London Road sooner than go to the expense of building new roads on Boston Road and removing over 100 trees and their respective wild life.


St Denys Avenue