Indulgence not on menu for vegetarians

EDITOR – I have just picked up a leaflet ‘Eat drink and indulge, Sleaford’.

So I can eat drink and indulge can I?

I am a vegetarian, so let’s have a look. The Barge and Bottle – 3 jumbo sausages ... not there then.

Cogglesford – breast of chicken wrapped in bacon ... oh dear.

Curio Cafe – ‘seasonal specials’ - OK then, may be lucky there. Purple sprouting broccoli is seasonal at the moment.

Hub cafe – egg or cheese sandwich. OK there.

Packhorse – roast dinner. Great! Oh yes, a choice of beef or pork. Not there then.

Sweet Vienna – bacon or sausage bap. Oh dear yet again.

So I can get a sandwich, a free coffee at O’Connells, a free dessert at the Marquis and a toasted sandwich at Quackers, a muffin at Y and a doughnut at Hockmeyers.

This is hardly an ‘Indulge Special’ week for us vegetarians.

In fact it positively discriminates against us.

Come on you ‘Business District’, please remember where food is concerned there are a great many vegetarians about and we even have friends who are not.

So if you don’t cater for us, we and our friends will just go to premises where we are catered for and there are some excellent places which do.