LETTER: Forming an alliance to improve roads

It has been announced there will be some 400 new homes built around the Sleaford area. Make no mistake these homes will be built, they are a part of the larger plan for Mid Lincolnshire.

What deeply concerns Silk Willoughby Parish Council is there are no plans to develop the road system to cope with all the extra traffic. We do have to clarify what is actually proposed for the local road system. Some 1,400 of these homes are due to be built between Sleaford, Quarrington and Silk Willoughby. If there are no major improvements in the road system the effect on Silk Willoughby, Quarrington and Sleaford will be catastrophic.

We all know what it is like to get through Sleaford as things are now. For residents of these new homes, it will become obvious to them in a very short period of time that it will be preferable to leave and get onto the A15 either through Silk Willoughby or Quarrington. There will still be a large green space in between the new development and Silk Willoughby.

What we have to push for is the much-talked about ring road from the Maltings on Mareham Lane going north of the Four Seasons Garden Centre and onto the A15, or some system that will solve the obvious problem created by a lack of forward thinking on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council.

The parish council proposes to form an alliance with Sleaford Town Council, North Kesteven District Council, businesses and residents, to try to ensure the road system is improved.

Paul Steer

Chairman, Silk Willoughby Parish Counci