LETTER: Happy to go green but not at any cost

On reading the news that the Secretary of State was giving the go ahead for the Heckington Fen wind farm, it set me thinking.

At what price are we going to avoid using fossil fuels and nuclear energy to generate our power for the future?

So far, despite all the wind farms springing up around our countryside and offshore, they still only generate a small fraction of our energy dependency. To install more will only seek to proliferate the landscape to an extent even more intrusive than electricity pylons.

And now the energy companies want to construct a new link to the National Grid at Bicker Fen from an offshore wind farm near Anderby Creek. This would cover 50 acres and be up to 45 feet high. How can that not be a blot on the flat, fenland landscape?

I watched a programme about tidal energy generation being considered with the prospect of huge barrages across major estuaries around our coastline. Environmentalists are already concerned about the potential effect on the ecosystem from what would be a huge head of water being held up, then released. These estuaries, such as The Wash, are almost all important sites for wildlife and areas of outstanding natural beauty. How can we allow huge man-made structures to cut swathes across them and still only supply up to 20 per cent of our energy needs?

Green energy is good, but at any price?

J. Bilyard