LETTER: New waste fee highlights level of funding cuts imposed

I have, like every householder in North Kesteven, received the invitation to pay £25 for the green waste collection.

My tax charge from North Kesteven for its services is currently £105.07. If I subscribe to the waste fee it will mean paying £130.07 for exactly the same services.

I pay more and Eric Pickles is happy.

Under his edict from the communities minister it prevents any council increasing its tax by two per cent or more without a referendum. By introducing a fee, North Kesteven increased my payment by 24 per cent without a referendum. The only vote was that of a couple of dozen compliant councillors.

This fee illustrates two things. The first is the extreme level of funding cuts imposed by the government on councils. So severe that I, like every householder, must pay a whacking quarter more for the same service. The second is the Tory and Liberal-Democrat parties nationally and locally hiding what is a tax increase behind the ballyhoo of a tax ‘freeze’.

Mike Hudson

Chairman Sleaford and North Hykeham Labour Party