LETTER: Roads are getting wrecked

What a surprise, one or two slightly frosty mornings and the newly-laid road surface on the Grantham Road is already failing.

At the top end, the old road surface is already showing through, while along towards the town the grit is loosening badly.

Do not even think about what will happen when the snow falls, even potholes will have potholes.

Are the council going to trot out the old excuse about it being ‘The Wrong Sort Of Ice’? It is blatantly obvious that the materials used were more suited to a one horse town in a Third World country.

Are the contractors, or whoever laid the stuff, going to recompense the council for a shoddy job? Was any quality control carried out?

What other work have this bunch carried out on our behalf?

And, now they want an extra £25 to empty the bins, roll on the next election. I’d pay that to empty the council chamber.

John Smith

Westgate Forum, Sleaford