LETTER: State of road under spotlight again - repairs were waste of time

Richard Scott’s letter in last week’s Sleaford Standard, about how poorly both the Lincolnshire County Highways and their contractor had responded to his windscreen broken by the road chips on Grantham Road, was dismaying.

Both the LCC Highways and their contractor seem to see that little has gone wrong - or at least that is all that they seem prepared to tell us. Irrespective of the fact that we all saw the poor way that the works were being done and with the evidence that we can see now with chips stripping off, bald areas of tar and with potholes reappearing.

The LCC Highways say that all that is needed is a few remedial works and these will take place when the weather improves. The contractor says that sweeping has been carried out in accordance with the guidelines (guidelines are marvellous things to hide behind) and ignores the quality of work issue behind the stripped chips.

LCC and the contractor are really treating Mr Scott and the people of Sleaford with disdain.

When I looked at the surface at the weekend, it is obvious that more sweeping is needed which, presumably, could carry on until all the chips have been swept up and we are left with the tar which will get everywhere as soon as the sun comes out. As the elected representative for the Quarrington and Mareham Ward (Town and District Councils), I asked the LCC Highways at the beginning of January for a statement about what had gone wrong, why and what was going to be done to correct the situation, which is hopefully something better than more tar and chips, so that I could pass this on to residents – and I hope eventually to get a more meaningful response than was given to Mr Scott.

I would advise everyone who parks or drives on Grantham Road to look for damage to their vehicles, write to LCC about it and claim for repairs. No doubt the LCC responses will be similar to that given to Mr Scott and it may be that the best way forward is to consider some form of legal class action against LCC for all these costs. I would be happy to put a list together of those that might want to do this jointly – please use my NKDC email address that is on the NKDC website.

It is unfortunate that things have got to this stage, but it is about time that LCC started doing things properly and improving on their shockingly poor record of wasted time and money on the few works that they do in Sleaford.

Mark Allan

Quarrington Park, Sleaford