LETTER: Still time to take part in charity run and cycle around Lincolnshire

The following is an update on the Pilgrim Heart and Lung Fund Cycle Ride/Run around Lincolnshire.

This is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 1, 2013.

The event is scheduled to raise money through sponsorship of our participants to help the Trust provide a Cardiac Catheter Laboratory at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston.

The charity has approximately £60,000 on deposit at the moment but we will need a good four times this amount to provide this facility. The latter of course will help a large population of local people who may suffer from heart disease of one sort or another, particularly coronary artery disease. Any one of us may need this facility at some point in the future. The charity needs all our help to provide this facility.

The Cycle Ride/Run event is a competition for participants. It is planned that each individual will be given a set time to ride or run for. That is envisaged at one-and-a-half hours. The cyclist or runner that covers the greatest distance in this time will be awarded a prize. At this particular point we have five cyclists but it would be nice to have 12 or 15 participants if possible.

Anyone interested in participating in this event can contact me either via my email address: cnyman2@compuserve.com or via the Cardiorespiratory Department at Pilgrim Hospital. Please help us make this event a worthwhile exercise for all of us who live in South Lincolnshire and who may require cardiac catheter facilities in the future.

Cyril Nyman

President of the Pilgrim Heart and Lung Fund