LETTER: We don’t need any more new homes – we want to be in the country

I cannot see how the council can think about granting permission for a developer to build up to 1,400 houses and various shops etc on prime agricultural farmland off London Road, when there is a brown site at Bass Maltings that is waiting to be developed.

Surely they could put these 1,400 houses and various other facilities there?

Such a neighbourhood centre will practically link Sleaford and Quarrington to Silk Willoughby.

We moved to Quarrington as we did not want to live in a town but near the countryside. If residents wanted to live in the middle of a housing and shopping centre they could have purchased a house in the middle of town and now the council are trying to force more development onto us.

Why would the council agree to more shops being built at such a neighbourhood centre when it is trying to regenerate the town centre and the Bass Maltings site? The town centre shops should be developed first and when the development potential has been reached then the Bass Maltings could be developed if necessary.

How are the owners of 1,400 new houses going to find jobs? There are hardly any jobs in the area now for the existing residents, in fact thousands of them are unable to find work. The Sleaford job centre is full of non-existent jobs. Someone I know has applied three times or more for jobs that are more or less continuously advertised in the job centre, as they cannot get a job elsewhere, to be told each time that they have no vacancies and that the advert should not be active.

This development should not be allowed to go ahead. We cannot support the people of Sleaford and Quarrington without supporting a further 2,000 to 3,000 people that would live in the new houses.

The owners or tenants of the new houses cannot be homeless and living in the area at the moment so it would mean many people moving here from elsewhere.