LETTER: Wondeful time enjoyed at the Christmas Market

I just wanted to put pen to paper to say how wonderful I thought Sleaford Christmas Market and associated festivities were.

This was the main reason I decided to travel to the town last weekend and I certainly wasn’t disappointed - and nor were those who had travelled with me.

There was lots to see and do for all ages and everywhere I looked there seemed to be something else to enjoy.

To beat the chill at the outdoor market there were plenty of indoor attractions, not least the stalls packed into the nearby hall.

There was also plenty going on at the Riverside Church, with all ages engaged in some kind of activity - and thanks for the free coffee and mince pie, they were very much appreciated by 

And what about all of the lovely Christmas trees decorated at the Methodist Church? I was delighted by the sheer amount and the number of different groups who had gone to so much effort.

It was also great to see everyone in such good spirits and enjoying the season.

I certainly hope all of the traders and shops had a worthwhile day - it’s important to support local businesses whenever you can and Christmas certainly provides a perfect opportunity to do this - I saw many unique gifts ideal for all my family members!

We can all be too quick to criticise, but let’s give credit where credit is due.

Overall, I think everyone who played a part in organising this event deserves plenty of credit for what was, as far as I could see, a very successful day.

I look forward to coming back next year.

A very merry Christmas and happy new year to you all!

A very happy visitor

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