Need to clarify what each council is responsible for

EDITOR – Sleaford Town Council reads various letters in the paper regarding ‘The Council’.

There does seem to be some confusion about which council does what in Sleaford – not the ‘big’ things, such as health, education etc – but the delivery of services to residents.

Lincolnshire County Council is responsible for: Main street lighting; main road grass verges; condition of roads and public footpaths – surfaces and weeds; gritting roads and footpaths.

North Kesteven District Council is responsible for: Wheelie bins; grass cutting within the estates and developments (if adopted); road sweeping, town centre CCTV.

Planning permissions and licenses are granted by NKDC and they also collect Council Tax and administer council housing.

Sleaford Town Council is responsible for: Public parks – grass, flower beds, play equipment safety and maintenance; cemetery maintenance and burials; allotments; town centre litter picking; waste bins and dog bins; river clean from Electric Station Road to Cogglesford Mill; Monument Gardens and alms houses flower beds; markets, Christmas lights and Mayoral functions; toilets – Boston Road, cemetery and Money’s Yard; some town centre pathways.

Tree maintenance is carried out by whoever owns the land they are on.

Although this is by no means exhaustive, I hope it clarifies some concerns.


Clerk to Sleaford Town Council