Planned pharmacy not wanted

EDITOR - This is a delayed voice on the subject of Sleaford Medical Practice’s proposal to extend the use and opening hours of its pharmacy services.

I fully support the views already expressed by Standard readers that the group practice needs to concentrate its efforts on improving their day-to-day systems/care.

There is no need for a 100-hour pharmacy at Sleaford Medical Group. If the group practice were to be successful with their application it would be yet another example of squeezes on smaller businesses.

As a local resident of 23 years plus, it is sad to recall how many small businesses have suffered at the hands of ‘big boys’ and louder voices.

Gohill’s pharmacy has diligently supported the town with a first class service for more years than I recall, and now their doctor neighbours want to poach part of Gohill’s basic business - make no mistake, that is the bottom line effect of the underlying proposal.

The doctors already have handsome salaries and pension rights but that does not apparently satisfy them. I very much do not want this application to go ahead.


South Rauceby