Potholes are getting everywhere

EDITOR- I agree with D Aston’s letter last week about potholes.

However, I do have to give the county council highways pothole team some credit.

Twice now I have rung up the council and reported issues with potholes on Grantham Road, Quarrington, near the roundabout and the surface seems to be breaking up there on a regular basis.

(I thought the highways teams came and did resurfacing work on that stretch quite recently).

But within a couple of days the pothole team has been out and filled in the dangerously deep holes.

This is good but I fear a proper patching job needs to be done as the surface is still quite uneven.

Also I went down the road from Nocton towards Bardney last week and teh road surface is totally breaking up and that is an important route across the River Witham.

J Bilyard,

Rookery Avenue, Sleaford.