Right to oppose wind farms

EDITOR - I was delighted to read on the front page of the Sleaford Standard (June 13) that Lincolnshire County Council has declared ‘enough is enough’ where wind farms are concerned.

Lincolnshire has become too much of an ‘easy target’ for the proposed siting of wind turbines even though there is almost inevitably a considerable backlash from people who would have to live near to them.

Wind farm supporters are quick to put forward the argument about the need for sustainable sources of energy and few of us would be at odds with the principle if that.

However, as county council leader Martin Hill said, we understand the need for alternative energy but are unconvinced by the questionable science behind wind farms.

Like many others, I am not convinced that wind turbines efficiently produce sufficient energy to justify the impact they have on our landscape.

And for those who have to live near to the turbines there is the constant drone to contend with.

I for one would support the county council’s stance.