Sick of the inconsiderate drivers and parking in town

EDITOR - I am sick to death of struggling to drive down Watergate and Westgate due to the inconsiderate parking and driving of other motorists.

If you turn down Watergate off the high street past Sainsbury’s, the amount of cars that are parked on the left hand side is ridiculous, and the traffic that comes into town that way to avoid the crossing means that trying to drive down there is a bottleneck.

No-one will ever let you come through, so you end up stuck behind a parked car down there for ages giving way to several cars, very few of whom even acknowledge that you are there, much less thank you for giving way.

I feel sorry for the people who live down there as the traffic clogs up that road like nobody’s business.

It’s the same down Westgate, and people parking on the sharp bend on the end of the road is very dangerous as cars coming the other way fly around that bend.

Is it too much to ask that other drivers using either of those two roads be more considerate of others?!

Mrs B Yates