Slow down for children before there is another accident

EDITOR – I wondered if you would publish a message for drivers to cut speed and consider people crossing the road when they turn off from Galley Hill bridge into Lidl, after witnessing a friend’s little boy being knocked over there last year.

Although he wasn’t seriously injured, the poor little lad was shaken up and had cuts and bruising, and this was down to a car driver not indicating and coming off the bridge at about 40mph.

Recently, I have seen more and more drivers come off that bridge around the corner at speed, despite people being halfway across the road. I feel there is going to end up being a tragic accident there before much longer.

It’s a shame that there are some inconsiderate drivers around.

All it takes is to slow down before you hurt or kill somebody.

It is a dangerous area and to think lots of children cross there, it will not be long before something happens.

Even if you cross midway, the car drivers are still speeding and have to slam brakes on, but one day this may not be the case.

Let’s hope a few drivers will take this on board and slow down.


Almond Walk