Support our restaurants

EDITOR - After eating at several of the Sleaford restaurants over the past few months – lots of birthdays and retirements occurring at the same sort of time – I would like to say that we have a very good selection in our town and of a very good quality as well.

It is very important that these businesses continue to be supported during these difficult economic times because our town would not be the place it is if they were to disappear and if they do there is no guarantee that they will return at all or in anything like the same form.

Our town centre restaurants offer very good value for money and it is well worth saving a bit of cash and having a splurge once in a while to forget all the economic problems and the government’s plans for austerity and spending cuts.

By the way if you do go to the Mia Restaurant in the evening, do not eat during the daytime beforehand – their food is excellent and their portions are marvellous.

Mark Allan,