Volunteer needed to build up Fairtrade awareness

EDITOR - Sleaford has been a Fairtrade Town since 2010.

This means that it has been nationally accepted as a focal point in terms of education, understanding and the provision of Fairtrade products in our town.

We have many representatives who ardently support the Sleaford Fairtrade Town initiative on our committee: Sleaford Town Council, Sleaford BID, Sainsbury’s, the Lincolnshire Co-op, the Riverside Church, large and small businesses and many schools, both primary and secondary.

We need a volunteer who will be able to administer the various social media we use to further increase awareness of Fairtrade, such as Twitter (@sfgfairtrade), Facebook (via the Sleaford Fairtrade page) and our bespoke website (http://sleaford-fairtrade.btck.co.uk/).

They would also be responsible for the production of the biennial Fairtrade Town report to the Fairtrade Foundation and would work with the Sleaford Fairtrade Group committee, led by Debbie Wrightson, manager of Sainsbury’s, as they prepare activities during Fairtrade Fortnight.

The volunteer will not be required to hold any financial responsibility. Please contact bob.stoner@st-georges-academy.org by July 18 if you are interested in taking on this role.


St George’s Academy