Aggregate win for Eslaforde

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Eslaforde Park Bowls Club

ALTHOUGH Eslaforde Park took only one rink win in their Lincoln League game at home to Navenby they won on aggregate.

T Bathard, G Hilton and P Armstrong lost 16–21; B Overton, K Thompson and S Cobb lost 21–22; C Belcher, J Curtis and G Pask lost 20–23; M Gilbert, M Dunne and D Fisher won 28–17.

On Friday afternoon, Eslaforde played a rearranged game against Billingborough, winning two of the three rinks. B Overton, R Pask and J Curtis lost 17–20; K Thompson, T Thackray and P Armstrong won 28–8; M Gay, J Dawson and S Cobb won 27– 13.

A trip to Long Bennington in the ASC Metals League saw Eslaforde win on two out of the three rinks but lose on aggregate. T Thackray, K Thompson and J Bennett won 19 13; M Holder, R Pask and G Pask won 20-12; B Overton, M Dunne and D Fisher lost 9–27.