Bowls league begins

The latest sports news for the Hemel area
The latest sports news for the Hemel area

Sleaford Town Bowls Club started the new season this week away at Washinborough A in the District League.

Washinborough A 59 (5) Sleaford 59 (7): Joan Gilbert, Gwen Campbell and Bas Gilbert lost 18-24, Cecelia Faulkner, Gillian Annison and Mick Faulkner won 21-17, Peter Annison, Julie Cope and Roy Markham won 20-18.

At Eagle in the City League Handicap Cup, Sleaford lost on all three rinks.

Eagle 68 Sleaford 57: Martin Titley, Kris Moore and Neil Mapletoft lost 21-22, John Parker, Roger Neaverson and Trevor Cope lost 20-22 and David Campbell, Peter Stokes and Andrew Bird lost 16-24.

The Sleaford League saw Town away to Leadenham.

Leadenham 70 (8) Sleaford 70 (4): Steve Morris, David Curt and Phil Musson lost 14-15, Joan Gilbert, Mick Jarrald and Bas Gilbert won 25-21, Cecelia Faulkner, Brian Srawley and Mick Faulkner lost 17-19, Calum Campbell, Clive Steadman and Larry Davies lost 14-15.

At home to Ruston Sports in the EBA League all three rinks won.

Sleaford 75 (10) Rustons 27 (0): Peter Annison, Calum Campbell, Richard Barnes and Andrew Bird won 24-11, Robin Wilson, David Campbell, Neil Mapletoft and Trevor Cope won 18-12, John Parker, Roger Neaverson, Kriss Moore and Anthony Caress won 33-4.