Brilliant at Boston

Weekend rugby union preview.
Weekend rugby union preview.

Sleaford Rugby Club under 8s

Sleaford under eights had a muddy and soggy morning at Boston RFC last Sunday. Despite the weather the team were absolutely fantastic.

With the rain coming down and everyone getting cold the kids were keen to get started. With the weather as poor as it was the ball handling could have been below par. Not so.

The passing was soft, the hands were good, the catching brilliant, without the ball you can’t score tries and boy did the team score tries. To allow the fantastic ball retention the support play had to be even better than the handling, and it was.

Early on it was a little loose, but the kids quickly realised that the weather meant they had to play it tight. This led to the ball carrier always having someone to off load the ball to keeping play moving at an amazing pace.

The ball carriers ran hard, fast and straight. Well done to Alex for never taking a step back and leading the charge forward to set up a number of tries. Finn, Luca and Riley had a real competition to see who could run the fastest always supporting each other and always coming away with the try. Big O had a fantastic morning with several good runs, brilliant support play and assisting with a number of tries.

The kids’ attacking mentality really shone through.

A solid game is not built on attack alone though. The defence play was the best it has been. Some very hard work by the kids on their defensive line and speed to the tackle really paid off. Big O, Lily, Ewan and Luke were all over the pitch making tags, holding their line, and defending the try line. Body position for the tag was also much improved with the kids getting right in front of the attacking player really slowing down the attack.

Two very well played matches, the kids displayed all the skills in abundance and it produced results. The kids were having such fun they didn’t even notice how much hard work they had done. Their confidence has improved massively and they are a joy to watch.

A dirty, wet morning but an awesome display of rugby.

Next week they are at Kesteven.

Sleaford u15s 24 - 0 Stamford U15s

Sleaford U15 turned up in force to take on Stamford in a NLD game, reasonably confident having played well against the very same team two weeks ago.

This time, however, the style of play would likely be different due to the rainy and wet conditions - they knew that their forwards were good at close quarters and a wet ball is not the most conducive to the good and fast distribution Sleaford are aiming for to unleash the strong, fast and elusive backs.

The team played very well defensively, everyone tackled with conviction, and on the whole Stamford did not manage to get close to the try line. In addition, Sleaford’s forwards in particular were able to neutralise their opponents during breakdowns - perhaps too good as they pushed their forwards away with such force and speed that Sleaford players lost their footing in the process. Sleaford lost possession 15-20 times due to not staying on their feet during these break downs.

Sleaford’s first try came from strong play close to Stamford’s try line and Tom Crookes quickly picked up a spilled ball and weaved through the opposition to score the 1st try.

The second try came from loose ball kicked over the opposition by Curtis who quickly chased it down to score.

The third try was created by the excellent forwards stealing possession, quick distribution from Eli, Aidan, through to Ioan to Jasper to Curtis who easily ran his second try of the game.

The fourth try was created again by the strong forwards turning over possession and quick passing to Ethan who, once up to full speed, could not be stopped.

Overall a good game against a Stamford team that persevered at all times and played a good game of physical close quarter rugby.

Player of the Match: Aidan for good decision making but most importantly super ball handling during wet and slippery conditions.