Caravan pitches plan for sport field deemed unviable


A plan to designate part of a village playing field for use by touring caravans has been scrapped after a study found it to be unviable.

Heckington sports field steward Dave Cousins had applied to the Caravan and Camping Club to make part of the rear field a ‘certified site’ for up to five caravans to stay up to four nights at a time. This was a bid to raise revenue for the upkeep of the rest of the field for sports and recreation on behalf of the parish.

Neighbouring residents had raised concerns about giving up part of the field and conflict with other users.

At last week’s meeting of Heckington Parish Council, members heard a feasibility study - carried out in conjunction with the parish council, which owns the land, and the Caravan and Camping Club - deemed it an unviable proposition as regulations required the area to be fenced off, something never envisaged as the parish council expected to move the caravans around to prevent excessive wear.