Daniel has a winning pattern

Dan Pearce with his bronze medal
Dan Pearce with his bronze medal

Bronze in the North London Tae Kwon-Do championships

Twenty-nine-year-old Daniel, who was recently promoted to fifth degree black-belt, competed in the event at Hemel Hempstead against competitors from all over the UK.

In the first round of judging, Daniel was positioned in the top four and clinched the medal with a higher performance during the second round.

Students from Carre’s Grammar School also took part in the last event of this year, the club belt promotion, under the guidance of eighth degree black-belt, David Oliver, chairman of the Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain, assisted by local club instructors, Jill Pearce and Daniel Pearce.

Students from the Carres Grammar school club achieved results as follows:

1st Kup Red Belt: Eick Armes

2nd Kup Red Belt: Cieran Robson, Andy McKinlay, Stewart Perry.

3rd Kup Blue Belt: Matthew Atkinson, Adam Bailey, Martha Clarke.

4th Kup Blue Belt: Adam Banks, Joseph Horne.

5th Kup Green Belt: Isabel Blakey, Zen Esponilla, Zy Esponilla, Harry Perry, Charlotte Perry, Oscar Simmons, Charlotte Smith, Molly Smith.

6th Kup Green Belt: Trevor Bean, Michael Carr, Umin Choi, Aidan Oliver, Conlan Oliver, Bryanny Parkhouse, Lucy Reeve, Samuel Reeve, Uijin Shin, Ulsun Shin, Jake Weighill, Jiaxin Zhuo

7th Kup Yellow Belt: Frances Arnold, Olivia Hampton, Toby Hampton, Lewis Kempster, Michael Kempster, Susan Patrick, Jason Zhuo.

8th Kup Yellow Belt: Amy Crook, Erin Crook, George Charlton, Karen Simpson, Henry Wharton

9th Kup White Belt: Jordan Bean