Eslaforde come through match with the loss of just one rink

A REALLY good start to the week when Eslaforde played Washingborough at home in the Lincoln League, only losing one rink.

C Belcher, K Thompson and J Curtis won 29 – 13, B Bowyer, G Hilton and P Armstrong won 43 – 9, G Revell, S Cobb and G Hubbard won 33 – 13 but M Holder, R Pask and J Bennett lost 22 – 25.

On Wednesday afternoon we were at home to Ruskington in the Woodhall League winning two of three rinks and drawing the other.

M Gay, T Thackray and J Dawson won 21 – 13, G Revell, T Bathard and J Curtis won 22 – 8 and R Hatton, K Thompson and R Pask drew 14 – 14.

On Thursday playing away to the Bristol in the Sleaford League, Eslaforde lost on two rinks and won on the other two and got the points for winning the aggregate.

M Gay, H Spencer and J Dawson lost 12 – 18, G Revell, B Bowyer and J Curtis won 18 – 15, K Thompson, B Cooper and S Cobb lost 11 – 21 and M Gilbert, T Thackray and G Pask won 27 – 12.

Unfortunately on Sunday their game against Claytons in the ASC Metals League was cancelled due to poor weather.