Eslaforde’s cup joy

Eslaforde Park Bowls Club

A VERY poor start to the week saw Eslaforde lose on all four rinks away to Castle.

J Fergus, B Overton and M Dunne lost 5 – 31; M Gay, T Bathard and R Pask lost 14 – 22; B Boyer, M Gilbert and G Pask lost 12 – 32; G Revell, H Spencer and J Curtis lost 17 – 30.

On Wednesday afternoon Eslaforde were at Billinghay in the first round of the Wilkinson Shield and, although losing on two rinks, they came through to win the game 58 – 55, with the return game to be played at Eslaforde Park.

In the singles game K Thompson lost 16 – 19 but G Revell and J Dawson won 28 – 15 in the pairs. M Gay, J Fergus and R Pask lost 14 – 21 in the triples.

The following evening Eslaforde were back at Billinghay, this time in the Sleaford League, winning on only one rink.G Revell, J Fergus and J Curtis lost 7 – 33; M Gay, T Thackray and S Cobb lost 7 – 32; B Bowyer, H Spencer and J Dawson lost 9 – 27; B Overton, K Thompson and G Pask won 22 – 19.

On Sunday morning, a home game against Brant Road produced mixed results, with Eslaforde winning on two of the three rinks and although we won on 2 out of 3 rinks, we still lost the aggregate; B Overton, T Thackray and D Fisher lost 8 – 27, C Belcher, K Thompson and R Pask won 21 – 13 and M Gilbert, J Curtis and P Armstrong won 20 – 14.