Friendly team’s first victory

Sleaford Indoor Bowls Club

SLEAFORD friendly team recorded their first win of the season against local rivals Spalding, 109–98.

Charlie Rands, Pat Rands, Margaret Dallas and Judith Baker took an early lead and never looked back to win 21–13.

Mel Harris, Phil Bacon, Ann Upsall and Jim Baker were down 3-12 at the mid-point but came back well to win 25–18.

Vice captain Mike Summerhayes, with Ken Searle, Trish Marland and Alan Clark won 15–10.

Lily Searle, Elaine Traynor, Merle Harris and Trevor Thackray were involved in a close struggle but came through to win 17–14.

John Bennett, Nancy Ahmed, Ross Harwood and Yvonne Paul led all the way to the 16th end but dropped a vital four and lost out 17–20.

Alan Horne, Janet Horne, Niel Dallas and Leslie Richardson lost 14–23.