Indoor team win four out of five

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

For the Friendly Team, the return game against Horncastle at Sleaford produced many difficulties in setting up.

The game was eventually played as five triples and, the team won on four of them.

John Bennett’s team of Neil Dallas and Yvonne Paul led all the way, conceded four over the last two ends, but ran out winners at 15-13.

Bill Ellison with Bob Croyman and Bob McKie also led all the way but dropped four over the final three ends and still won 13 -12.

Mike Summerhayes, with Nancy Ahmad and Trevor Thackray showed how it should be done by coming from behind with a strong late run of eight over the last four ends to take the best rink yet again at 16-10.

Charlie Rands, with Pat Rands and Margaret McKie also dropped six over the final ends, but ran out winners at 16-14.

John Scott, with Keith Richards and George Glover had an afternoon best forgotten. Keeping pace to the mid point, they got marooned on 13 while conceding 15 shots.

The final score of 73-77 did not reflect the earlier course of the game as the team lost 19 shots to eight.

A spokesman for the team said: “Perhaps the proverbial wheels came firmly adrift? We will need to carry a spare next year! A disappointing final result to the half way point of the year!”