Jogging leadership course in Sleaford

RUNNERS who would be interested in leading their own classes can take part in an upcoming workshop

Jog Lincolnshire leads runs across the county but needs people to lead the groups, so the organisation is offering 20 places subsidised by the Lincolnshire Sports Partnership, for a Leadership in Running Fitness Course.

The workshop will take place on Sunday November 4 from 8.45am to 5pm at Carre’s Grammar School in Sleaford, and will focus on the organising of jogging groups and how to provide a safe and enjoyable running experience for inexperienced runners of any level of ability or age.

The course will lead to qualification as a Leader in Running Fitness, which will provide insurance to lead a group within the limits of the course content so that the participants can go on to lead running groups in the area.

Lynsey Norris, who co-developed Jog Lincolnshire, said: “This is a great opportunity for people who already enjoy running to inspire others to get more active and start running. Jog Lincolnshire’s website will manage all the bookings. The run leaders will just need to lead a run around their chosen location.”

To request an application form or for more information, call Lynsey or Rachel Belcher on 01522 585580. The closing date to apply is Friday October 19.