Rugby - under 7s and 8s show respect for Remembrance Sunday

Weekend rugby union preview.
Weekend rugby union preview.

Sleaford V Spalding

A sunny morning in Sleaford saw a great turn out of 11 Sleaford Rugby Club players - six under 7s and five under 8s - all ready to take on Spalding Rugby Club.

Sleaford split a mix of both age groups into two teams across two pitches.

There was some very good teamwork and support play including lots of tagging and defensive work, but by far the attacking side of the game was definitely their strongest point.

Alex, a new player, arrived having never played the game or even had a training session with the club before. He slotted in to the squad perfectly and deserves credit for getting stuck in.

As it was Remembrance Sunday, at 11am all of the players from both clubs joined together shoulder to shoulder on the under 12s pitch for a two minute silence.