Success for Sleaford against Skegness

Sleaford’s Trudy Bates Team entertained Skegness recently and won.

Doreen Wells, with Jean Bell, Shirley Eaglen and Margaret Knowles, never got quite enough woods in the head against a strong team and scored 12 – 24.

Joss Bannister’s set of Ann Darwin, Helen Quirke and Kath Lake took a commanding early lead and never looked in danger going on to win 20 – 10.

Rhoda Wing, with Carole Richardson, Margaret McKie and Sheila Pratt also took an early lead and continued to score ending 25 – 15.

Win Blankely, with Monica Law, A. Lawson and Pat Paul looked to have the game settled at the 13th end, but lost their way when the opposition scored eight without reply. However, they came back on at the end to grab the draw at 17 – 17.

Gwen Dwyer’s set of Gloria Davies, Margaret Holder and Linda Wills had a tight game but rallied with five without reply to run out winners 18 – 14.

Wednesday saw the Over 60s team host Grantham and post another win 114 - 81.

D. Stobart, with R. Barnes, P. Bacon and L. Davies looked likely winners on 18 - 7 after 14 ends however, 15 shots to Grantham without reply meant a disappointing result 19 - 22.

M. Wareham’s set of J. Baker, C. Faria and P. Lowder were in a tight game and were unlucky to lose 19 - 22. A. Bristow, with his set of G. Chamberlain, C. Grosse and R. Pearson were in control; from the start to mid-way at 13 - 1 to the end to post an impressive win 24 - 12. T. Stanley, with P. Annison, K. Dye and G. Johnson were even more impressive leading 29 - 5 with five to go before seeming to relax a little, winning 29 - 12.

D Chandley’s set of R Workman, T Harding and B Sach took an early lead and continued to score consistently with good woods in the head to run out winners at 23 - 13.