A fact-inspired novel of scandal

The Scandal of Nathaniel Thorold by John Reed. EMN-141117-152908001
The Scandal of Nathaniel Thorold by John Reed. EMN-141117-152908001

A Ruskington-born author has just released his latest book, based on research of his family history.

John Reed, grew up in the village and now lives in Leeds. His last book, ‘Ruskington - as I remember it’ is still selling well and he has now published ‘The Scandal of Nathaniel Thorold, a fact based novel on what he has uncovered of Nathaniel’s life.

While researching his family history he discovered this interesting ancestor. Nathaniel Thorold had fled to escape a mob after running up gambling debts in London. He subsequently established a profitable business in Italy and had an affair with a married woman whose elderly husband lived with them.

Mr Reed went on: “He built the most magnificent villa on the island of Capri which was known as the ‘Pallazzo Inglese’ where he and his extended family lived until Nathaniel’s death. This relationship produced several children and resulted in an irate bishop complaining to the Pope about ‘An heretic English Nobleman.’”

Whilst in Capri, Nathaniel inherited the Harmston Estate from a distant cousin and was subsequently knighted. On Nathaniel’s death his wills were so complicated they were still being fought over almost a hundred years later.

The book, at £9.50, is available at: www.johnreedbooks.co.uk and via Amazon.