Adventure story with talking pet

Sheila Glossop of Metheringham. EMN-160617-171717001

Sheila Glossop of Metheringham. EMN-160617-171717001

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Metheringham author Sheila Glossop is due to release her debut novel ‘The Wow’.

Sheila moved to Lincolnshire from Wales in 2012 to help look after her mother and uncle who both suffer with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The Wow by Sheila Glossop. EMN-160617-171732001

The Wow by Sheila Glossop. EMN-160617-171732001

Sheila studied Sociology and taught for the Inner London Education Authority for several years.

On her book, Sheila said: “I started the book in 2009 and finished it in 2014. There are several themes: love is a major one, in particular the love between Billbo and Pop, friendship and humour too.”

She said the majority of the story is an autobiography to 17 years she spent with her own pet dog, Billbo, who she named the character after.

“Billbo was such a big part of my life I wanted to write our story, but in a way that was entertaining and enlightening,” she explains. “I wanted to see if I could do it. The world is wondrous and full of beauty. It is also light-hearted and sparkling with humour. I wanted to pass on some of these feelings through my novel.”

In the book, Pop discovers her dog Billbo can talk, and they embark on an amazing adventure, strengthening the bond between them as they share their thoughts and feelings. They are guided to meet the Spirit Clan of the mysterious Anasazi tribe where they discover they are the Chosen Ones and a mission to find a precious artefact awaits them.

“The Wow” published by Austin Macauley, will be released on June 30. For details visit