Carved gateway feature a labour of love in Martin

Wooden sculpture at the entrance to Martin play area.
Wooden sculpture at the entrance to Martin play area.

After months of hard work, first learning how to control the chisels, then discovering the wonderful forms inside the wood, residents of Martin have finally finished their spectacular gateway feature.

Begun in June 2011 with a taster workshop organised by ArtsNK, the project started when local artist Helen Link invited mums and children to go along to Martin play area and come up with ideas in the form of drawings and clay models which represented what they felt they would like to see in the sculpture.

By September, they were ready to begin and the next stage was to examine the chosen piece of wood and find the sculptures naturally hidden there.

Months of working with a small but committed group produced a piece which incorporates a gentle giant, a boy and girl climbing their way up a flower stem, a hare, the shell of a snail, a fish and a fox howling at the moon. The gateway sculpture also has three house martins.

Residents are delighted with the result and they are considering possibly adding some lettering using their newly acquired skills. The piece is located at the entrance to their play area.

Helen Link also worked last year with Wellingore residents on a carved gateway feature.