Tribute to a ceramicist

THE National Centre for Craft and Design is bringing to Sleaford a major exhibition of work by Lincoln born ceramicist Gordon Baldwin.

The exhibition, Objects For A Landscape, running from October 20 to January 13, is a celebration of the career and achievements of Gordon Baldwin over the last 60 years.

Born in 1932, Baldwin is regarded as one of the most distinguished living potters in the UK and internationally - as a maker and a teacher.

As a young artist his work broke new ground as it moved away from the usual traditional functional ceramics of the studio potters of that time to more sculptural forms, vessels that no longer relied on function, drawing influence from the sculptural movement in Britain in the 1950s. Over the next four decades, Gordon’s work took on more abstract influences moving to the more familiar chalky white background of many of his later works, becoming a canvas for mark making and drawing.

The exhibition explores Baldwin’s influences from music and landscape to 20th Century art. It brings together over 140 works gathered from public and private collections, many seldom seen.