Award-winning Lincolnshire artist at gallery

Don’t forget to come and view the works of an award-winning Lincolnshire artist at the Carre Gallery.

This year’s Windham Hime Memorial Exhibition will feature work by Neville Hull, and centres on a set of portraits of war veterans, a three-year project that Neville says represents a lifelong wish to express his empathy for those caught up in the horror of warfare.

The large Somersby Room at the gallery houses three large haunting images of ‘The Betrayed’ along with a smaller image displaying the infamous slogan ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ (Labour makes you free) posted at the entrance of many German concentration camps.

The Bainton Room has a display of portraits entitled ‘Veterans’, which Neville painted as a tribute to men who have witnessed the horrors of war, as well as war-themed poems including Anthem for a Doomed Youth by English poet and soldier Wilfred Owen, who was killed in action in 1918.

Neville has won several prestigious prizes for his portraits, notably the Lincolnshire Pride Award, and first prize in the Willoughby Memorial Trust Gallery open art competition in 2011.

A graduate of Chelsea College of Art, Neville has exhibited work at the Usher Gallery in Lincoln, The Ferens Gallery in Hull, and most recently at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln, and outside the UK his work hangs in private collections in France and Australia.

The exhibition at the Carre Gallery on Carre Street is open to the public from 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday until Saturday February 16