Live music event plans

A LIVE music event is being planned to take place this summer in Sleaford.

An events company led by Marcus Hadlow and Ben Starman is proposing to hold the event on the rear part of Boston Road park in August and the Town Council has agreed to allow it in principle while officials investigate details.

The show would open from lunchtime through until 9pm and feature live bands, including a ‘headline’ act and would have a bar catering for up to 499 people.

The event would be entirely managed by the promotions company with its own stewards, stage, bar, bands and barriers. The company assures the council the power would be from extra quiet generators. There would be a strict no under 18s rule for the bar and tickets would be sold in advance and on the gate.

The company will also be liaising with NKDC Environmental Health over noise management and emergency services.