New music video is no nice picnic

C U Next Thursday. The cover of Dedboy Chris Clark's new single.
C U Next Thursday. The cover of Dedboy Chris Clark's new single.

Chris ‘Dedboy’ Clark, the Sleaford musician who brought us the hit Youtube music video ‘Christmas Number One’ has done it again, but this time his latest offering is far less family friendly.

Chris’s cheerful yuletide jingle had everyone talking and humming along last year, with a simple, funny video of Chris bouncing along Sleaford’s high street in a festive jumper, attracting local television interest too.

His follow up video and single is C U Next Thursday, although a much darker subject, still contains a little magic provided by his special guest co-star, Sarah Jane Honeywell.

Sarah Jane, who can usually be found on children’s television in CBeebies favourites such as Higgledy House and Tikkabilla, has teamed up with Dedboy for this odd little duet about two people who really can’t get along.

Chris, who is also co-directing an independent film starring Colin Baker, had previously produced a video using CGI backdrops to launch Sarah Jane’s own bid for a solo music career and he said: “The new video was shot locally in Helpringham and features a rather unconventional picnic.” It starts out amicably but descends into all out war between the pair - not one for the little ones!

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The single is now available to download from itunes.