Pilot’s story of Great War

GUEST speaker Rob Glover will be giving a lecture entitled My Old Man Flew ‘Harry Tates’ at Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre.

Harry Tate is a nickname for the Royal Aircraft Factory RE8 biplane and Mr Glover’s talk is based on the experiences of his father, Captain D S Glover who survived the First World War and served with the London Scottish Regiment (Territorial Army) and the South Stafford Regiment in the Battle of Loos before joining the RFC in 1916, eventually becoming an instructor at Gosport School of Instructors.

He will use his extensive collection of photographs and log books to give the talk at the old gymnasium on the airfield, at Martin Moor on Wednesday June 27 from 7.30pm. Admission free to members, £5 to non-members.

Mr Glover was a pilot in the RAF from 1953-65 and flew the Canberra, Meteor and Vampire among others. He was also involved in bringing the Tornado into service.

He also served as chairman/registrar of the Wickenby Register (No 12 and 626 Squadron Association) from 1998-2011.